About Cooyah

The original creators of Cooyah,Homer Bair and Susan Kreitman, with 20+ years experience under their belts, are taking bold steps in a newer and greener direction with Cooyah Clothing.  With fresh new ideas and a new vision, Bair & Kreitman have begun the process of “Evolution.”   Creation + Evolution = Progress  Cooyah translates into “Look here” as in see why we have let go of yesterday in order to embrace today.  It is an analogy of learning from experiences in order to create a better future….

Susan Kreitman Vice President

A New York University School of Retailing graduate, Ms.  Kreitman has an extensive background in Fashion Design & Retailing.  Susan is originally from New York City.  She transferred a wealth of knowledge to garment design in 1987, starting Cooyah with Homer Bair.  Susan’s no-nonsense attitude and eye for color & fashion gives her a tremendous edge in the business.  Susan continues to surprise with new color combinations & designs that perpetuate a demand for products.

Homer Bair President

Mr. Bair is a Batchelor of Fine Arts graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Homer has taken his passion of art, designs, & screen-printing using traditional & modern technology to create outstanding clothing.  Homer’s artistic talent began during his childhood in his native Jamaica.  Eventually his original illustrations, designs, and talents translated into beautiful clothing.  His artistic vision combined with Ms. Kreitman’s has endured for over 20 years.

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